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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Disney's Frozen "Let It Go"

Not exactly anime but this song holds such an impact on the anime and animation community that it shouldn't go without mention.  Funny how I write this as a blizzard hurdles it's way here to Long Island...

Frozen, the newest Disney full-length animation has become such a great hit amongst fans.  What makes it so special is that it does everything right.  Frozen broke is actually a 3D animation that even 2D animation/anime fans like us could enjoy.  It's story broke past tropes of 3D animation and tropes Disney has had in it's entirety...and, for the first time since before Allden, had a voice cast whose focus was that of the character...and not "which a-list actor is doing [so-and-so's] voice".

Speaking of the voice acting and of course, the music...the featured song for this movie is "Let It Go" sung by the voice actor of Elsa, the Broadway-trained, Idina Menzel

Seen here from the official Disney Animation YouTube Page:

Fans and fellow anime voice actors have taken to the mic to cover this song as well... here's Cristina Vee singing Let It Go:

Will I do a male cover?...maybe but at the least, you can find a number of other great singers doing this song.

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