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Friday, March 20, 2015

Unity-Chan Candy Rock Star!

Happy Friday everyone!  We've been busy training in everything Unity the past 2+ months and it so happened that just a few weeks ago, Unity 5 got released at GDC2015.  We will get into more details on our parent site, Chuck's Anime Shrine...but this new focus will allow us to create some amazing content for games and video!

To get an idea what we are trying to work with with our own mascots.... rock out to the amazing Unity-Chan Rock Candy Concert!

Unity-Chan is a stunningly well done (and FREE) Unity asset collection (found here)

With our new knowledge of Unity/3D model creation, in addition with our coding background in newer languages/frameworks like Swift/Metal... we hope to add an anime.fm/Chuck's Anime Shrine spin to such work ^^

Here's the link to this very build in Github.  

Game dev and rock on awesome anime content everybody!

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