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Friday, November 6, 2009

Romeo X Juliet Music

Got to sit down and watch the amazing Romeo X Juliet anime in the last few days. I know, I'm a bit late, the series came out in 2007, but hey, been busy -_-. I'll make minor (spoiler-less) review of it on Chuck's Anime Shrine, but for here on anime.fm, let's talk about the music of Romeo X Juliet...

Throughout the series, in the opening and embedded in almost all the background music is the popular song "You Raise Me Up" called "Inori~You Raise Me Up" beautifully done in both Japanese and English by Lena Park. Also heard in the ending sequence is the song "Cyclone" by 12012. "Cyclone" is in half of the series's ending and though a J-Rock song that's the complete opposite of the "You Raise Me Up", it fits well with the feelings of anger and unquenchable justice that the series partakes.

I've added the songs to the bottom of the anime playlist (found at the bottom) as well as the opening and ending clips via Youtube are here as well. I'd stock the soundtrack in my store for all you to purchase but sadly it's out of production -_-

Be sure to support Romeo X Juliet, their animators Gonzo and their music artists by purchasing the anime and music.

Romeo X Juliet Opening

First Ending Sequence

Lena Park singing "You Raise Me Up" Live ^_^

12012's Cyclone Music Video


  1. I thought that the stronger aspect of RxJ was the actual soundtrack composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto. His use of medieval themes was the highlight and it was what made the listening experience so awesome, making it one of my favorite soundtracks.

  2. Very good point. My apologies for leaving that out ^^;;


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