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Monday, January 5, 2015

Drakengard 3 OST - Kamifu

Recently been playing Drakengard 3 and we have to say that Zero is quickly becoming one of our favorite game girls to date... even if she's a bit mean at times.  In the English dub she insulted somebody by calling them an "asshat"...instant waifu material there.  Some people are bringing a stink to the internet, saying that there aren't any strong female game leads.  If you play Drakengard 3... you'll learn quickly how false that statement is.

As for the game's music, it's right on par with what you'd expect from SquareEnix...simply beautiful and empowering.

Here's is just one of the songs, Kamifu.. which translates to "The Fallen God" in English.

Thanks to YouTube user, Fragarach.

Be sure to purchase the music if available for purchase.

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