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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Streaming Nightcore Music, Thanks to DI.FM

A few days ago, some of you might notice a new feature on the side panel here.  This was something we were planning on adding months ago and finally got to it ^^;;

For years we've been members of the streaming site, di.fm (Digitally Imported) and a number of months ago, they added a Nightcore channel to their streaming service.  Due to the cost of having streaming music...we've sadly yet to bring back the old anime music streaming service found here on anime.fm before the Chuck's Anime Shrine take over.  It was a pleasant surprise to hear that the increased popularity of Nightcore music prompted di.fm to make their own Nightcore channel.

For those who might not know, Nightcore is a genre of music prompted mostly by us anime fans, were the music is sort of "anime-ized" In other words, a well done Nightcored song is a remix/sound edit of another song with the female vocals heightened in pitch in addition to maybe some increased tempo & possibly even some dubstep mixed in.  This style of music makes a song almost sound like it's coming from an anime girl / anime series thus why you'll commonly see anime pictures as backdrops to these songs.  We here at Anime.fm have on a number of occasions promoted nightcore songs eventhough it technically aren't truly anime music.

Be sure to support di.fm and check out their other streaming channels.  Will we ever have true streaming anime music here? We hope so, but in the mean time, we hope this is at least that this streaming channel and our youtube list are the next best thing.

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